Omg he’s perf

THIS was even cuter tho omg my feels rn

I found this scene so cute idk why

Anonymous asked:
Did u stop watching roommates?

No, I just haven’t had time to watch :’( been so busy with school and work, but when I do I will defs do screencaps!!

Falling in love with them they’re such dorks hahhaha

Kangjun mocking Ray LOL so cute


If you don’t already, watch KSpazzing on Youtube.. their reactions make my day omg hahahahahha

Kim Hyun Joong scandal

I wasn’t gonna talk about it but I keep seeing comments that made me want to vent.

How can people still support him after what he’s done? I was a fan too but after hearing about what he did I lost all respect for him.

I think it’s hilarious how people are still blindly supporting him and then saying “everyone makes mistakes, he’s human, we all have a bad side” blah blah blah like ARE YOU ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW.

Did you not see the injuries that his ex sustained from him. How can you look at that and STILL say that it’s okay? How can you condone violence like that? If it was your mom or your sister would you still say that’s ok?

NO. It’s NEVER okay to hit and abuse someone. No matter how much I love an idol, if they pulled a stunt like that I would instantly lose all respect for them. What he did was not okay and I’m so done with fans who brush it off just because he’s a celebrity. He’s not some god, he did something seriously wrong and he should not be praised for it!



These freeze moments are tooo funny hahahah

Myungsoo’s hair GIVES ME LIFE

Gonna try to finish FTLY

Just warning for those who haven’t watched the last few eps yet, I’m gonna post screencaps in a bit!!

Guys, Chanyeol is leaving Roommate :(

Man everyone I like is leaving