J-Hope pls

Guys pls

V pls

bb Myungsoo’s in denial HAHAHA

Leader Sunggyu is not impressed with his members LOLOL

Shoulda dyed it sooner because that hair color GIVES ME LIFE

HE LOOKS AMAZINGLY GOOD WITH IT, more amazing than he already is


There’s so many dramas/shows to watch

That I’ve been neglecting GOT7 and now that I’m catching up on their show THE FEELS ARE COMING BACK

I ship everyone with everyone man they’re all SO CUTE YET SEXY HOW

But bambam and yugyeom and youngjae are just cute I GUESS cuz they’re younger than me I feel like a pedo…… BUT THEN AGAIN WHEN DID AGE EVER STOP ME WHATEVS

Jr. is so frickin cute

Mark’s smile KILLS ME


Every time Mark looks into the camera I DIE

This episode made me ship all the teams together LOL ugh everyone’s so cute

Mark is the cutest thing ever omg